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FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung

We will provide filtering services for you either once, sporadically or on an ongoing basis; for example, as a permanent alternative solution to having to make your own capital expenditure!

Mechanical sludge dewatering with filter presses

  • The mechanical sludge dewatering with filter presses guarantees efficient volume reduction. FILTRATEC uses various kinds of equipment for that. In project business, FILTRATEC uses semi/mobile filter presses. These mobile plants have chamber volumes of up to 6.1 m³. Filter cake volumes of more than 200 tons per shift can be produced with the appropriate sludge quality.

  • Flow diagram, filter presses in use

Chamber filter presses

  • Chamber filter presses for mechanical sludge dewatering

  • Chamber filter presses are used in mechanical sludge dewatering. When using this technology, compact sludge and solid-free filtrate arise.

    • Filter surfaces of 60–350 m²
    • Chamber volumes of 0.6–5.0 m³
    • Filter cake discharge with forklifts or conveyor belts

Membrane filter presses

  • To achieve the greatest possible solid content in the filter cake, membrane filter presses are deployed. This equipment also facilitates washing the sludge/filter cakes.
    Plant sizes and types available:

      • 90–400 m² filter surface
      • 1,2–6,1 m³ output chamber volume
      • Output chamber depths of 30–50 mm
      • Plant, partially with pressure and washing plates
      • Version, partially acid resistant

    Membrane filter press for the highest possible TR content

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    All departments are certified to the required extent in quality and safety management throughout Europe.

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