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FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung

We are certified as per the quality management EN ISO 9001 and the safety management system SCCP

Innovations for industry

  • Our services concentrate on dewatering processes and technologies which we have further developed multiple times into highly-specialised services with mobile, automated technology. Whether the SAUGULATOR®, a cutting head suction excavator or the mobile three-phase decanter: Both are devices that our own engineers have designed and developed.

  • As an experienced service provider and market leader in the sector of sludge dewatering, we are open for new challenges

Registration of a design for equipment for dust-free bulk-goods mixing

  • To improve the working conditions when admixing bulk goods, FILTRATEC developed an "Appliance for dust-free addition of bulk product in sludge and fluids that contain solids or that are free of solids". This technique can save costs as an alternative to delivering liquid lime milk.

  • The design was registered on 21/02/2002

PADDELATOR Design Registration

  • The construction of a so-called PADDELATOR, an externally, hydraulically driven steel sword for homogenising sludge, has eliminated the need for agitators in process tanks. This means that cables, motors etc. are no longer exposed to the liquid. This innovative development was designed as part of a university thesis.

  • The design was registered on 21/02/2002

SAUGULATOR® cutting head suction excavator

  • The SAUGULATOR® is a cutting head suction excavator used for the removal of sludge from underneath a layer of liquid. The sludge is loosened by a cutting tool. The hydraulically driven cutting head can be lowered to a depth of 5 m. The sludge mixture is then pumped through a floating line of the treatment plant for further processing.
    The SAUGULATOR® has a capacity of up to 200 m³ per hour. It is fitted with environmentally friendly electric motors or can be alternatively driven by diesel motors (double-walled tank system).

  • The SAUGULATOR brand was registered on 28/12/1999

First mobile gas-tight three-phase decanter

  • FILTRATEC operates the first mobile, gas-tight three-phase decanter plant. This plant provides special benefits:

    • The plant is certified in accordance with ATEX 95 (94/9/EC)
    • Sludge can be safely processed independent of the flash point
    • Gas-tight-system, covered with nitrogen
    • No diffuse emissions
  • The explosion protection of gas-tight, three-phase decanters made by FILTRATEC was confirmed by TÜV Nord on 02/07/2009

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    All departments are certified to the required extent in quality and safety management throughout Europe.

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