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FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung

FILTRATEC has its own QSHE manager. She is responsible for complying with and further developing the high demands FILTRATEC places on industrial safety and health protection

Quality, safety, health and environmental protection

  • Economic success, quality, safety, health and environmental protection are equally important FILTRATEC corporate goals. If there is any doubt, safety always has priority. The constant optimization of all working procedures permanently secures the success. When planning our projects, environmental and safety-related concerns have priority. At the same time, we orient ourselves to the current state of the art.

  • Quality, safety, health and environmental protection are the components of our management system that we continuously develop

Always in first place: Industrial safety and health protection

  • Industrial safety and health protection are the two decisive cornerstones of our corporate policy. As far back as 1996, FILTRATEC was successfully certified based on the internationally recognised occupational safety and health management system (SCC - Safety Checked Contractors).

    To identify industrial safety and health risks at the workplace, risk analyses are written in collaboration with safety experts, supervisors, employees and the works council. While doing so, the hazards associated with the job, possible hazards caused by work equipment and hazardous substances plus their interaction with the environment are recorded and evaluated to derive and stipulate suitable protective measures. In addition - depending on the task and the associated risks - project-related hazard evaluations, which are the basis for work instructions and training, are written before job execution.

    • The Integrated Management System (IMS) at FILTRATEC is used for managing and reviewing the requirements from the areas of quality, safety, health and environmental protection

    • Extract from our school and training modules

      • Legally required training courses
      • Supplemental jog/project-related safety training courses
      • Industrial safety training as per the SCC rule base
      • Dangerous goods law training courses
      • First-aid training

    It is important to us that the awareness of the importance of industrial safety and health protection is permanently ingrained early on in all employees. That already begins with our young colleagues during their apprenticeships, continues with intensive training courses and orientation of new employees on up to the further education of our experienced employees and supervisors.

Integrated management system for quality and safety

  • FILTRATEC has been a qualified service partner of the chemical, petrochemical and steel manufacturing industries for many years. We render our services directly on site at our customers' locations. The basis of the quality and safety is our integrated process-focussed management system. Industrial safety and health protection always have top priority for us.

    Our certifications, approvals and qualifications:

      • Quality management according to EN ISO 9001
      • Safety management according to SCCP
      • Specialist in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG)
      • Approval for the provision of waste disposal in accordance with the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrWG)
      • Mobile treatment plant for hazardous waste in Austria in accordance with the Art. Waste Dis-posal Act (AWG) 2002
      • Autorisation d'établissement No C 2487/A Luxembourg

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    All departments are certified to the required extent in quality and safety management throughout Europe.

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