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FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung

FILTRATEC Tankservice is continuously further developing its cleaning systems – to deliver even better results. Working for the future!

Tank cleaning technology

We are able to deliver robust, logical and comprehensive concepts thanks to the years of experience of our specialists, who have the skills to use and combine our many different systems to produce the best possible results. This means that our technology is deployed in the best possible way and that the very most is made of our technical capabilities – enabling us to meet the different requirements of each individual project, such as the type of tank (floating / fixed roof), size of tank and residual contents.

  • Jet washer systems

    Our jet washer technology is generally deployed via a tank’s floating roof. The residue in the tank is flushed out with the jetting equipment. The dissolved liquid is separated and, once it has been freed of any large particles and contaminants, used to clean the tank. Once the required saturation point has been reached, we then remove the liquid from the tank so we can treat it.

    In action on site at our customers’ – this is not a problem thanks to our modular system that is installed in 20ꞌ containers

    Manway cannon systems

    As the name suggests, our manway cannon technology is attached to modified manways (at the side and/or on the roof) so that the equipment’s cleaning nozzle can detach the sediment in the tank and drive the residual content towards the extraction point. We generally carry out this work using a closed circuit system.

    • Technical data

      • High pressure pump up to 30 bar at 950 l/min
      • Cannon nozzle with a camera and lighting system
      • Online station to monitor the atmosphere in the tank

      The system complies with the Machinery Directive and has been constructed in accordance with ATEX 114.

    • The camera attached to the manway cannon records the cleaning work, helping to document the process

    A specialist treatment system for the very best results

    Depending on the residual content in the tank, we use a heat exchanger to heat up the cleaning media to facilitate and enhance the cleaning process. The contents of the liquid removed from the tank (a mixture of sludge from the floor of the tank and the cleaning medium) are then separated into solids, oil and water in our 3-phase decanter – a fully enclosed system with a nitrogen atmosphere. By the end of the process, there is just a small volume of solid material that needs to be sent for disposal.

    How you benefit:

    • Rapid cleaning times
    • High safety standards for both the personnel and environment
    • Hydrocarbon emissions are kept to a minimum
    • Very high hydrocarbon recovery rates
    • Tank residue & waste management costs are reduced to a minimum
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