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FILTRATEC Mobile Schlammentwässerung

FILTRATEC has specific equipment available for completing specialised projects, such as for exhaust air cleansing

The right equipment for every application

    • Modern techniques and technologies along with automated, mobile processes spare humans and the environment and are the basis for the flexible and competent solution for various requirements. That also includes always having the appropriate equipment for each product and task on hand.

    • FILTRATEC uses various pieces of auxiliary equipment for transporting and has an extensive range of accessories for all the devices.

    • Collection, mixing, process containers

        • FILTRATEC has process containers available with capacities ranging up to 300 m³ in various types and made of different materials:

          • Two-chamber agitator tanks, stainless steel (1.4571)
          • Two-chamber collecting and waste water tanks, stainless steel
          • Round agitator tanks, stainless steel
          • Collecting and waste water tanks, steel
          • Reaction tanks
          • Segment tanks
        • Two-chamber waste water tanks

      Dissolving and dosing plants

        • FILTRATEC deploys dissolving and dosing equipment to condition sludge.

          • Computer-controlled plants to prepare and dose liquid and solid polymers
          • "Appliance for dust-free addition of bulk product in sludge and fluids that contain solids or that are free of solids" (Registered Design)
          • Lime milk processing plants
        • Dissolving and Dosing Equipment

      Sieves and separators

        • Sieves and separators are used for the pretreatment and fractionation of suspensions.

          • Sieving machines (single- or multi-stage)
          • Hydrocyclones
          • Oil separators
          • Waste tanks
        • Sieve machine

      Conveyor machinery

        • Depending on the product and task, FILTRATEC uses various kinds of equipment for conveying:

          • SAUGULATOR® cutting head suction excavator
          • Feed and transfer pumps
          • Conveyor belts and screw conveyors
          • Drag link conveyors
        • Conveyor belt press

      SAUGULATOR® cutting head suction excavator

        • For removing sludge under a liquid surface, FILTRATEC offers different cutting head suction excavators.

          • Depth of work down to approx. 5 m
          • Hydraulically driven cutting tool
          • Sludge removing with armour-plate centrifugal pump
          • Capacity of up to 200 m³/h
        • The SAUGULATOR® cutting head suction excavator by FILTRATEC in use

      Other equipment

        • FILTRATEC deploys a wide and comprehensive range of compatible accessories:

          • Power generators of up to 250 KVA
          • Air compressors
          • Process tanks (stainless steel)
          • Agitators
          • Heat exchanger
          • Air washers
        • Sludge conveying and severing module

      Transport units

        • FILTRATEC transports the equipment with its own vehicles:

          • Semitrailers
          • Multilift vehicles
          • Special crane trucks
        • The units can be loaded with our own mobile cranes

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