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The oil sludge separation is a specialised service predominantly employed in the petrochemical industry

Three-phase decanter, conventional and gas-tight

  • FILTRATEC uses decanters primarily for treating oil sludge. Here, the sludge is separated in the three phases of oil, water and solids. These plants are used for instance for the separation of

    • crude oil sludge
    • slop residues
    • oily waste-water sludge
    • sludge that contains solvents
  • Animated film on the 3-phase decanter

Conventional three-phase decanters

  • Conventional three-phase decanters are always used if the flashpoint of the product for processing lies significantly over the respectively required processing temperature.

    • Separation of two fluid phases of different densities and a solids phase in one step
    • The plants have electric Ex-protection
    • Main area of application: Petrochemical industry, for example preparation of crude oil wax or oily waste-water sludge
    • Throughput capacities: 3–8 m³/h

    Conventional decanter without integrated explosion protection

    A conventional, non-gas-tight decanter, even one that has electrical explosion protection, generates its own explosive zone, independent of the installation site. As soon as a combustible material – one that is above its flash point – is processed, Zone 0 arises inside the decanter. A Zone 1 and a Zone 2 are produced in the surroundings of the decanter.

    The result is that in such a case, the operating organisation has to consider its plant as an independent Ex-zone and take the corresponding safety measures.

Gas-tight three-phase decanter

  • FILTRATEC operates mobile gas-tight three-phase decanter plants for the separation of combustible and harmful substances. The sludge-carrying system is completely covered with nitrogen in these ATEX-compliant plants. The facility for temperature processing lets us achieve outstanding separation and provides the highest degree of explosion, environmental and personal protection.

    The mobile treatment right at the point of production significantly reduces the number of waste transports. Recovering valuable substances (oil) conserves the environment. Customers benefit from reduced waste disposal costs and higher yields.

    These plants have particular advantages compared to conventional decanters:

    • The plant is structured in accordance with ATEX Directive 114 (formerly ATEX 95 - Product Directive 94/9/EC)
    • Sludge and combustible fluids can be safely processed independent of the flash point
    • This is a gas-tight system that is covered with nitrogen; no diffuse emissions accrue
    • Throughput capacity: 3–10 m³/h
    • The nitrogen covering means no Ex-zone arises within the plant. The system is technically leakproof; therefore no (diffuse) emissions can escape.

    • The oil-sludge separation is a special service, predominantly for the petrochemical industry With this technology, sludge is separated in one step into the three phases of oil, water and solids.

    Gas-tight decanter with integrated explosion protection

    • Since the entire product-carrying system of the gas-tight decanter plants is covered with nitrogen, no explosive zone can be created inside the plant – there is no oxygen available. Since the system is technically sealed, also no (diffuse) emissions can get outside.

      The gas-tight decanter in the top container does not produce its own explosive zone. The bottom container is declared as Zone 2 as a precautionary measure.

    • Flow diagram, gas-tight decanter in use

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