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Automated tank cleaning

Industrial tanks that are used to store liquids such as crude oil, slop, wastewater and other products need to be emptied and cleaned at regular intervals. Allowed to accumulate, residue impacts negatively on the valuable tank contents. What’s more, deposits reduce the volume of the tank and, consequently, its costly storage capacity. FILTRATEC offers automated cleaning services that prevent such outcomes and offer some significant benefits:

  • We recover the product stored in the tank by flushing out any reusable hydrocarbons, e.g. with crude oil tanks
  • Less material needs to be sent for disposal
  • Emissions are kept to a minimum as we deploy closed-loop cleaning technology
  • Work safety is increased thanks to our non-man-entry systems
  • If required, the tanks are made inert to provide comprehensive protection against explosion

Cleaning tanks safely and cost-effectively

Our automated cleaning systems provide a whole host of advantages, especially if the tanks contain substances that are harmful to health and/or have a particularly unpleasant odour. By using this technology, we protect our employees, are able to make toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, safe during the cleaning process and can clean any air removed from the tank via exhaust air purification systems – by deploying our FILTRASORBER model, for example.

FILTRATEC always delivers exemplary tank cleaning solutions that not only offer economic benefits to you, the tank operator, but also comply with the strict requirements regarding environmental protection, work safety and explosion control.

For further information please have a look at our brochure.

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